Revoslot - Maintanance, Tuning

and information for upgrade Digital 132


Various models

Revoslot is on the market just for a few years, but has already changed the slotcar world.

Not only is the technology unique in the 1/32 range, the developers have also shown a good hand when it comes to model selection.

Currently (September 2023) Revoslot offers the second largest selection of models (next to Carrera). A wide range of GT models with very similar performance offer a wide and colorful starting grid, as do the youngtimers with Alfa Giulia, BMW 2002, Ford Escort and Opel Kadet.


Metal chassis Revoslot

The biggest difference from other manufacturers is the use of a metal chassis. The concept of the base plate with motor, axle holder and guide keel holder is always the same. Only the frame is adapted to the respective body shape and the wheelbase is adjusted accordingly. Another special feature is that the vehicles are delivered without a built-in magnet, but a magnet is included that can simply be glued in.


Maintanance Revoslot slotcars

A metal chassis with a built-in 'wobble' also requires a little more care when using. Before the first start, the screws for the axle holders (framed in green in the picture) and the screws for the wobble (framed in blue) should be checked. The motor is attached with 2 Allen screws (1.5mm), these should also be checked. On some models the motor mount is in two parts and secured with three screws. As soon as the noise of the car changes when driving, this indicates that the engine mount has shifted and the position of the engine should be checked immediately and adjusted if necessary. We have found that the screws are a bit worn out and therefore prefer to use a Torx key (size T6). This is also recommended for the guide keel screw.

Perfect Ortmann tires and motors for Revoslot Slotcars

Behaviour and tuning options

Revoslot slotcars with metal chassis have a low center of gravity and the original tires also have a lot of grip. The cars are actually wonderful to drive out of the box. But it's even more fun with trued Ortmann tires and on some models the spring under the guide keel should be removed, otherwise the front wheels tend to hang in the air.


Upgrade Carrera Digital 132

The conversion to Carrera Digital 132 involves a few difficulties. Although most models are already prepared for the installation of the Carrera decoder, the motor often leads to incorrect measurements during digital operation. We have found that it often helps to let the engines run in. To be on the safe side, the motors should be suppressed. Replacing the guide keel is not necessary, at least we have not received any feedback that this is necessary during more than 200 conversions of Revoslot slotcars in the last 12 months. We always have 300-500 models in stock, so you can find everything that is available in our shop. In addition, almost all Revoslot models are already converted to Carrera Digital 132 and are available from stock.