Conversion from analog to Carrera Digital

We always use the original Carrera decoder. This means that every converted slotcar has the same functions as an original Carrera car.

Only when converting F1 cars we maybe use a decoder from another manufacturer. But then this is also explicitly pointed out.

No, with the digital upgrade only the decoder is installed; the light must be ordered separately. The lighting that is then installed is always installed with the Carrera connectors, so that the body can be easily separated from the chassis.

Except for Scalextric cars that already have lights, the existing lighting is then connected directly to the decoder.

Yes, because we use the original Carrera decoder, the cars also run on analog tracks. The switch for the direction of racing on the decoder is not accessible from the outside on some slotcars after the conversion. If you regularly race on analogue and digital tracks, please indicate in the comments field at the end of the order that the switch should be accessible.

That always depends on the model. In Revoslot slotcars there is enough space for the decoder so that the cockpit is retained. In BRM slotcars the cockpit remains, but in some models the underside is processed to create enough space. However, this is usually not visible from the outside. On most models of Sclalextric and cars, the cockpit is swapped for a 2D photo inlet. The cockpit is also usually replaced with NSR, Scaleauto and Fly conversions.

Yes, we offer all conversions and tuning measures, even for slotcars that were not purchased from us. However, we then charge a one-off surcharge of €4.

Almost all Revoslot and BRM models are ready to be delivered from stock, digitalized. The delivery time is 2 to 3 days, depending on whether additional options are ordered. Models from other manufacturers, which are already converted, are only available from stock in small numbers. The delivery time always depends on the order situation and is 1 to 3 weeks.


If you are looking for tires for a Carrera car, the easiest way is to enter the item number (you can find this on the bottom of the chassis) in the search field at the top of the online shop. If you don't know the number, you can use the Tires menu item to find tires for 1/32 and 1/24 slotcars in two categories. Simply select the manufacturer (e.g. NSR) and the model (e.g. Porsche) and you will find the models available to choose from.

If you buy a new car, you can also order it with trued tires. The tires alone cannot be ordered as a trued version, as the tire must always be trued on the rim on which it will later be driven. But you can send us the axle, then we can put new tires on and true them straight away.


This service is only available in germany.

The shipping costs within Germany depend on the item and the order value and are €3.50 for letter shipments and €7.50 for parcel shipments. Within Germany, orders over €150 are free of shipping costs.

Shipping within Europe takes place via goods shipment including tracking for €7.95 or as a DHL package for €19.95.

Shipping outside Europe is carried out via goods shipment including tracking for €9.95 or as a DHL package for €35.95.

If the shipping address is outside the EU, VAT will be automatically deducted during the order process.