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BRM Ferrari 512M Piper #16 Analog / Carrera Digital

Really great slotcar with high quality aluminium chassis, aluminium wheels and ball bearings.
The car is 1/24 scale, but the motor is for a usage from 12-15V.Therefore we only use the Carrere D132 chip for converting the BRM cars to Carrera digital.

Please read also general information about BRM Slotcars.

  • Metalchassis Anglewinder
  • 25.000 RpM at 12V
  • Torque 325g/cm
  • no Magnet
  • Width R81/F76mm
  • Wheelbase 97mm
  • Wheight 182.8g/ Body 47.5g
139,95 € *

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Tire truer RSM4

179,95 € *

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Tire truer RSM

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Porsche 991 RSR Nürburgring 2016 #911 Analog / Carrera Digital 132

Please use our configurator to choose the right tuning option for your slotcar.

  • Anglewinder
  • 20.000 U/Min bei 12V
  • Torque 285g/cm
  • no Magnet
  • Aluminium wheels rear
  • Anglewinder gear 11/37
  • Width R63/F61mm
  • Wheelbase 80mm
  • Weight 89.4g / Body 22.9g
69,95 € *

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