Carrera Digital 132 Tuning

Which tuning measures really make sense for a Carrera Digital 132 slotcar?

The Carrera models are not as fast as slotcars from, NSR or other manufacturers, but with the right tuning package they can be turned into great slotcars. In contrast to the magnetic bombers that are often offered on eBay, our offers are characterized by perfectly ground Ortmann tires with good grip and hard Zero Gripp front tires with a lower cross-section.

Carrera tuning as we do NOT recommend.

Carrera models have a pressed-on plastic rim without perfect concentricity, and a standard axle which 'rules' in a brass bearing with a relatively large amount of tolerance. There are also two magnets that ensure that the car no longer has any controllable limits. So the car comes through the curve or it deslots. On the one hand, the car can be upgraded with power magnets, so the axle unit still has no concentricity, but the car is pulled even further onto the track. The limit area becomes smaller, but the car sticks even more in the curve. That was certainly not what the inventor had in mind. You could now stick the controler in place and go have a beer. Alternatively, you could play with the model train, it's just as challenging. Some people also refer to something like this as Carrera Digital 132 tuning, we don't offer anything like that.

The rear axle

Alternatively, you can also try to ensure more grip with optimized concentricity without reducing the limit area even further. This can be done very easily by using Ortmann tires which are trued in our patented RSM tire grinding machine. The result is a flat tire and therefore optimal grip. We definitely recommend this.
If the axle unit is replaced with a axle with aluminum rims, the wheels are just as round as with a ground standard axle, but it is significantly more expensive. The only advantage of a axle over a standard axle with ground tires is the smaller play of the axle in the bearing and a high-quality axle gear. It's difficult to say how much this lower axle play adds up to lap time and always depends on the layout and driving style, but it is quite low considering the costs. Conditionally recommended.


The engines of Carrera slotcars have a tolerance of up to 10%. This quickly leads to significant differences in speed. We let the engine run in so that it then delivers up to 10% more speed. This is completely sufficient for most home tracks. Absolutely to suggest.
But if you want a little more power, then the rear axle and gear should also be replaced. Because the original gear is not designed for higher engine performance and will probably lose its teeth quite quickly. A gear including axle is then necessary. Recommended if the track has corresponding full throttle passages.

Front axle

On most Carrera slotcars, the coordination between the front tire and the guide keel is not perfect. Therefore, the guide keel does not fully immerse and does not provide optimal guidance. Replacing them with even larger guide keels is not recommended, as these usually generate more frictional resistance than the original guide keels. Not an optimal solution.
Ideally, the front tire is adjusted by fitting a thinner tire. By using extra hard Zero Gripp tires, friction resistance is also minimized. Absolutely recommended.