The right power supply for your digital Carrera track

Power supplies and power consumption

The standard power supplies actually deliver far too little power for proper operation. For analogue tracks, 3A for 2 lanes is recommended.
For digital tracks, the original power supply is sufficient for two Carrera cars. If more cars are to be driven or more powerful motors are used, then 5A makes sense for a maximum of 3 cars and 10A for more than 3 cars. The Control Unit can easily withstand up to 10A. The adjustable power supplies also offer the option of regulating the current down to 12V, making driving much smoother possible.

Find the right power supply for your digital Carrera track


Track preparation

The longer your track is, the higher the internal resistance of the conductor and the more losses you will feel. Therefore, not only a reasonable power supply but also additional power feed are necessary.

It is not possible to say in general terms how many feeds you need. I have a customer with a 40m track and not a single additional power feed, it runs great. Other customers need two additional feeds for a distance of just 10m.

When I set up tracks for customers, I first drive along them without an additional power feed and then place the first power feed at the point where I feel that the car is not pulling as it should. I then do the whole thing until I have a consistent current flow along the entire track.

As a preparation, it is important to bend the ladder outwards a little at the transitions before assembling the track, this will ensure the best possible contact.


Additional power feed

As the length of the track increases, the current and the available power decrease the further the slotcar is from the Control Unit. Additional feeds must therefore be installed. Additional connections are made from the Control Unit to the various points on the track. It is important that the cable cross-section used is thick enough and that the length of the cable is not unnecessarily long.

Clips for additional power feed and ready-configured additional power feeds for Carrera Digital