Which timing system is the best for my Carrera Digital track?

There are various timing systems for the Carrera D132, from the very simple to the jack-of-all-trades, from very cheap to damn expensive. But which time measurement is ideal for my home track? Of course, this depends on the budget and requirements. I would like to introduce the different options and describe their advantages and disadvantages.

Carrera Bluetooth Adapter

A tablet can now be found in almost every household and the Bluetooth adapter offers a very inexpensive option for quite extensive time measurement. The free Carrera app is really not recommended, so it's better to invest another 10 EUR and install a working app from another provider. The Smart Race app is recommended here. Most home tracks have a very short full throttle portion, so unfortunately there isn't much time to look from the track to the tablet or monitor. Most of the time it's only a second or two, and it's damn hard to read the information in that short amount of time. We therefore also use a tower at the track because it shows me the most important information during the race.

44,95 € *

PC Option

The following section does not apply to the Carrera PC Unit. This is so bad, you can't even describe it. Then it's better to count the laps with a tally sheet. The PC solutions from other providers are extremely extensive and offer a number of features, almost similar to a PC game. In my opinion, these systems are overloaded for most home tracks, and after trying them out a few times, many users reduce their use to the basics. However, if you like the additional game options, this is exactly the right time measurement. The problem with reading the information is the same as with the tablet version. Without a longer period of full throttle and therefore without sufficient time to take your eyes off the track, it becomes difficult.

Carrera Lap Counter - Position tower

The Carrera lap counter is easy to use, but also has a mini display that is difficult to read while driving and is completely overpriced. The Position Tower is perfect in my opinion. Because during the race I'm primarily interested in how many laps are left to complete and who is in which position. I can always perceive this in a split second. I then use the app for everything else.

79,95 € *

Carrera Digital 132 Driver Display

But it could be even better, and more expensive. The driver display shows each driver his tank contents and position in the race. Ok, the tower also shows that, but it also shows the information about how long the race is still going on. But the driver display has, in my opinion, a very decisive advantage. The other systems show the tank contents on the monitor in addition to the lap times and positions in the race. And this is visible to all drivers and for everyone. When using the driver display and positioning it accordingly on the track, the drivers CANNOT see the tank contents of the other drivers, making tactics much more exciting. Because I don't know whether the driver who's stuck to my rear has to come in to refuel straight away or whether he can do two more laps.

59,95 € *