Which one is the fastest Carrera slotcar ?


I hear this question again and again in the store and it can be answered very easily, every car.

Why is that so?

There are of course some factors that are an indication of performance, such as total weight, center of gravity, wheelbase, but these are usually negligible compared to the real differences.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are playing with a plastic car 'Made in China'. The tolerances are extremely large, even with the same model. There are 12 cars in a box, we can blindly pick two, they will never drive the same.

The plastic rims are pressed onto the axle, and I suspect there is no word for concentricity in Chinese, so it is simply a matter of chance whether the rim runs true or not. If we assume the unlikely case that two vehicles are completely identical and only the right rear rim of vehicle A has a greater imbalance than vehicle B, then vehicle A no longer has a chance against vehicle B.

Added to this is the tolerance of the engines. The Carrera E200 engines have a tolerance of up to 10%. A bad engine is a huge disadvantage.


Back to the question, which is the fastest Carrera car?

Let's be honest; Is it always fun if I only win because my car is faster than my opponents? I don't believe. It's certainly no fun to drive behind an inferior vehicle. It's fun when the vehicles are equal. This doesn't mean having completely identical performance, but comparable performance.

How does a Carrera car with unknown performance become a car with comparable performance?

This can be achieved quite easily. The imbalance in the rim is gone when the rear axle is ground flat with suitable Ortmann tires on the RSM. When we run the engine in, the speed increases by up to 10%. The following applies: the worse the engine, the greater the increase. All in all, we get much more equivalent Carrera cars on the track.

In our shop we offer exactly this service for all Carrera slotcars.